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Data Migration

How a fashion retailer achieved massive growth through Data Migration

Case Study – 14-year-old apparel company expands rapidly

A lifestyle apparel brand established in 2008, known for their premium clothing and accessories has expanded across the US and 30 other countries. From 2016, the then 8-year-old company has grown a phenomenal 400% in 6 years. This is what the CEO has to say.

“We can look at our reports during the day and identify our weaknesses, and respond in a way to turn those back to the growth path. We need those dashboards! Data migration enabled us to scale our business.”

Their disparate data was spread across different systems and silos, in various formats. The data processing could not provide timely, accurate reports.

The DWH Advantage:

Discovery: Assess, identify all the data, and the current and future requirements
Extract: Extract all the data. Design and build a new data warehouse, suited to the data and to the requirements.
⦁ Clean and load all the data into a Single Source of Truth (SSOT). Provide access to all stakeholders across the organization. Build queries, reports, dashboards for fast and easy use.

Data Pipeline and Data Platform Benefits

⦁ Both structured and unstructured data can be accessed and processed
⦁ Aggregate data from multiple, disparate sources
⦁ Data streaming and shorter processing time provides superfast results
⦁ Scale your data volume up; Enable managing humongous amounts of data
⦁ Significant savings – data is processed a lot faster, and the storage and processing services are cost effective

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