InnoBoon transforms businesses around the world through products in data and video analytics, and services for product engineering, cloud transformation, data analytics.


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THE AGE OF AI IS HERE! Are you ready?

InnoBoon is embarking on a bold mission to help businesses go beyond their goals, using futuristic Generative AI technologies in Consulting, Proof-of-Concept Consulting, harnessing LLMs and NLP, and providing AI Systems Integration services.

We are transitioning into an AI-technology company, taking advantage of the meteoric rise of the machines, which is spearheading a technology revolution only comparable to the birth of the Internet.

Our software and data engineering services are helping our clients across the globe to transition to next-gen technologies such as Cloud, Data & Video Analytics, IoT, Edge, etc., and enhance people’s lives by transforming businesses around the world.

Our Mission & Vision


Offer thought leadership with agility to engineer innovative  products and solutions to solve business problems, leveraging cloud, Data Analytics.


Transforming Businesses through Data-Driven Digitization

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What We Actually Do

InnoBoon is now AI-ready. Our capabilities have expanded to include Consulting in AI, Discovery, Generation and Mentoring. Generative AI technology and tools assist in Enterprise Knowledge Management and Multimode content generation.

We continue to help build PoCs, along with consulting over the entire lifecycle of PoC validation. We help with creating language-based tools for enhancing customer and internal communication, generating content, and fine-tuning processes. We help you integrate AI technology into your businesses.


Our Leadership Team

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development,
product design, QA and consultancy services.

Murali Kumar B

PGP, University of Texas

Raajaguru Mylsamy

MBA, IIM Ahmedabad

Karthik R

PGP, University of Texas