InnoBoon transforms businesses around the world through products in data and video analytics, and services for product engineering, cloud transformation, data analytics.


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Generative AI
as a Service

Driving innovative AI Application Development and Rapid Prototyping for Enterprises and Startups with our factory of 250+ AI Bots

Generative AI
as a Service

Driving innovative AI Application Development and Rapid Prototyping for Enterprises and Startups with our factory of 250+ AI Bots

Generative AI
as a Service

Driving innovative AI Application Development and Rapid Prototyping for Enterprises and Startups with our factory of 250+ AI Bots

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Software developers

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Pre-built AI Bots

What We Offer

Gen AI - Rapid Prototyping

Transform your idea into a prototype in 8-12 weeks with our AI development. We enable innovation and sustainable growth through the fusion of technology and human expertise.

AI/Gen AI - Consulting & App Development

Our AI consulting optimizes data and AI strategies. We identify AI opportunities, build/deploy models, and help clients leverage AI's full potential to achieve business goals.

Software Engineering Services

We specialize in developing custom software solutions that meet specific client needs, enabling process optimization, improving decision-making, and unlocking growth potential.

Data Engineering & Analytics

Our data services construct robust pipelines and infrastructure for insightful decision-making. With cutting-edge tools, we empower businesses to harness their data's full potential.

Tech Stack

AI Models Powering Our Factory of Bots

Natural Language Processing Models
Specialized Language Models
Image and Creativity Models
Advanced Language Models
Efficiency and Precision Models

Why Choose Us?

Unlock the future of streamlined service through InnoBoon's cutting-edge AI bot factory. Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency as our advanced technology transforms your business operations.

Harness the potential of AI with our state-of-the-art bots at InnoBoon. They accelerate innovation, offering customized solutions with remarkable promptness and precision, elevating your business to new heights.

InnoBoon collaborates closely with industry leaders to fine-tune AI bots, ensuring they meet a wide range of client needs, resulting in tailor-made, cutting-edge solutions for every challenge.

Our commitment to streamlined processes translates into significantly shorter development timelines, enabling swift implementation without sacrificing the high-quality standards we uphold.

InnoBoon is at the forefront of AI-driven services, setting new industry standards by consistently surpassing expectations and delivering groundbreaking solutions. We lead, others follow.


InnoBoon played a pivotal role in expediting the development of my AI-enabled product, which translated into significant commercial success. Remarkably, they delivered a proof of concept within an astonishing 12-week timeframe. Our collaborative journey spanned over 1.5 years, during which I witnessed and can attest to their unwavering commitment, exceptional quality, and remarkable agility.

Bibhudatta "Dash" Vice President

InnoBoon's web and mobile app development prowess over the past year has been remarkable. Their speed in translating ideas into reality and their unwavering adaptability to multiple change requests have been impressive. Their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions has made our collaboration highly successful. We look forward to achieving more milestones together.

Thomas Kohl CEO, Yellow Time (Member of tk Group)

I'm truly impressed with InnoBoon's remarkable achievement in crafting highly effective and incredibly useful AI software within a mere 12-week timeframe. Their dedication and expertise shine through, making them an exceptional team to collaborate with. It's been a pleasure co-creating something this impactful together.

Shamik Gupta Managing Director

Innoboon was adaptable in terms of adding minor features along the road. We discovered something that could be added to the app, and they replied and acted fast. Their method worked beautifully.

Arun Puri Managing Director

I enthusiastically endorse InnoBoon. Collaborating for 1.5 years, I've witnessed their exceptional technical skills and leadership showcased during their tenure at Inmar Intelligence. The team's prowess in software engineering, problem-solving, and teamwork is evident in the success of our fintech product. Their dedication to innovation and a results-driven approach is highly commendable.

Yannic Hertig Product Manager

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