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Artificial Intelligence
Gen-AI, Virtual Try-On

Gen-AI products: Enhancing consumer experience

Artificial Intelligence, and Generative AI, in particular, is being adopted by some of the leading companies worldwide for various purposes. Parfums Christian Dior, Gucci, Nike Fit, and many other brands are already implementing AI virtual try-ons for users. 

Moreover, Generative AI tools such as AI sales reps boost customer acquisition across companies. Likewise, Generative AI can also be modeled into AI mentors and AI travel assistants, assisting users every step of the way.

Virtual Try-On

Brands can drastically improve their sales numbers if consumers could get the real-time trial of how a product would look when actually used. Virtual try-on refers to allowing users to try on different products such as clothes, accessories, and any such items virtually. Virtual try-ons are easy, comfortable, quick, and most importantly fun for customers to try out.

With the use of generative AI and augmented reality, these virtual try-ons have become quite popular within a limited time. Virtual try-ons can be implemented with a camera & screen on the brand’s outlet or it can also be done on a customer’s mobile camera.

The key benefit of such a solution is to gain the confidence of users in real-time to improve the sales conversion ratio. The interactive experience through virtual try-ons is a cherry on the cake for companies as they stand out among its competitors.

Here are some examples of top brands using AI virtual try on:

  1. L’Oréal’s Modiface:  The leading cosmetic brand, L’Oréal, provides a wide range of makeup products. Their cosmetics are sold based on the confidence of consumers after applying them. Virtual try-on through Modiface has allowed the brand to enable users to foresee the possible results of their cosmetics.
  2. Prada’s virtual try-on: Here’s another brand that fosters the capabilities of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Prada is a front-runner in luxury clothing and sets the right example among peers through the use of virtual try-on capability on their platform.    
  3. Crateandbarrel’s virtual try-on for furniture: Not just cosmetics and clothes, here’s an example of Augmented Reality-based virtual try-on furniture. Through its mobile platform, this furniture brand allows users to visualize how their next couch might look in their living room before actually purchasing it. In addition to more sales for companies, it also helps consumers buy the right product for themselves.

AI Sales Rep

Another area where AI can help interact and engage user’s is through AI sales reps. With Generative AI, the AI sales rep can be an immediate assistance that any new online customer might need. Not only will they leverage Natural Language Processing to understand the user’s inputs, they will also answer them accordingly, in a human-like way.

AI sales reps are scalable, available 24×7, and can even give any answer almost promptly. Brands can train their AI sales rep models to answer based on their actual policies and terms while making personalized recommendations to buyers.

AI reps won’t necessarily replace human sales staff; rather, they will help them focus on high-priority and sophisticated activities instead of answering frequently asked questions.

AI Mentor

Not only the product industry but AI can also support the service industry to cater their clients and help facilitate better services to them.

One such example is AI mentors or AI coaches that can help users learn and train on any particular skill or learning. These AI coaches and mentors can be a 24×7 replacement to a human coach and can provide up to date insights to users without any limitation of personal knowledge or experience, unlike a human coach.

Alfa AI is an example of such a fitness AI coach that can help detect the movements of users and make the right recommendation during their workout routine. Such a tool can also come up with personalized training routines and diet plans, making it easier for users to customize the training to their comfort.

AI Travel Assist

Traveling is another area where we instinctively prefer to get guidance from someone to get answers and conclusions easily. AI travel assistants can help replace human travel consultants who can basically compare and recommend travel itineraries for your next vacation.

With AI’s ability to comprehend and compare the vast amount of data available online, it can help recommend the best travel agenda for you. Based on your schedule, it can recommend your travel destinations, mode of transportation, the best flights to choose from, and even the most convenient hotels to stay in.

Prompt engineering would allow users to further perfect the output from these virtual assistants to meet their budget and personal preferences. Not only that, but your travel consultant can also help provide some manual resolution on top of the AI assistance to help you get the precise outcome you desire.

So if you are a consumer facing brand…

Whether you are a consumer-facing business providing products or services, Generative AI can be transformative for your company, helping you achieve the greatest sales conversion and customer retention ratios ever.

If you are unaware of how generative AI products can add value to your unique business or industry, you can reach out to us at, and we will have our AI experts discuss with you how AI can scale your business like never before.


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